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Container Depot Services

Vinatrans Depot at Dist.9 (Km 7 Hanoi Highway):                      22.000 sq.m

Vinatrans Depot at Dist. 7(161 Nguyen Van Qui street) :            20.000 sq.

Our depot includes:
- The site for containers in good condition.
- The site for good and expertised containers.

- The site for cleaning containers.
- The site for repairing containers, including:
+ Area for keeping damaged containers .
+ Area for repairing containers

-  Office division - experienced staff  with  international IICL certificates.
- Taking photo, container inspection based on international standards IICL.
- Contacting and sending quotations  to customers.
- The CMS (Container Management System).

- Coordinate Division - dedicated staff, eager to ensure the circulation of container in and out of the depot.
- Receiving the request for lifting on and lifting off  containers at the depot.
- Checking the status of the containers in and out the depot.   

-Cleaning and Repairing Division: trained by the prestigious schools and more than 05 years experienced, skillful staff with cleaning system, modern repairing machinery.
- Receiving requests from Office Division then making repairs, cleaning containers.
- Ensuring the progress of providing good and clean containers to customers.

- Lifting on and Lifting off Division - a staff with a high sense of responsibility and specialized vehicles operating 24 hours per day.
- Receiving request from  co-ordinate Division for lifting on and lifting off the containers.
- Making sure the import rules “First in, First out”.     

With the most suitable process in management, modern equipment and accompanied service to ensure the progress is a closed cycle, VINATRANS depot  would like to satisfy all the needs of customers.


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